Found in:Gift Shop(400 gems)starter Miscrit

1. Flue

Flue's wings,although very nice to look at,cannot actually lift its body off the ground due to the heaviness of its feet.


Chimnay can often be seen soaring over the wilderness in the dead of winter to search for travellers need for assistance


Eternally ready to change its foes,Firebrawl is an excellent Miscrit to have bucking you up in a battle.


Afterburn's large size combined with its impreviousness to heat has made it perfect to rescuing people and Miscrits from fires.


Skills Level Element Effect Power Accuracy Description
Burn 1 Fire ------- 7 100% a simple fire attack
Power Up 1 Physical buff ------- 100% raises your physical and elemental attack by 5
Smack 4 Physical ------- 7 100% a simple physical attack
Confuse 7 Status confuse ------- 50% make your opponent confused so that they may attack themselves (2 turns)
Fire Flight 10 Fire ------- 10 95% an average fire attack
Tickle 13 Physical debuff ------- 95% lowers your foe's physical and elemental attack by 5
Bash 16 Physical ------- 15 90% a powerful physical attack
Campfire 19 Fire ------- 15 90% a very powerful fire attack
Debilitate 22 Physical debuff ------- 95% lowers your foe's physical and elemental defense by 11
Brimstone 25 Fire ------- 20 90% a very powerful fire attack
Body Blocker 28 Physical buff ------- 90% raises your physical defense by 13
Migty Bash 30 Physical ------- 25 90% a massively powerful physical attack

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